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What does Emendee Tech Do For Your Business?

Bottom line – we save you money...

...By providing the right telecommunications and energy solutions for your business.

Your telecom and energy costs are a major monthly fixed item in your budget, which can directly impact your company's productivity. Our job is to help you run your business in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, while increasing profitability and decreasing costs.

Emendee Tech offers independent assessments, recommendations and solutions that work best for your business and your industry. Our services include:


  • Coordinating complimentary business energy audits, tying into utility incentives
  • Evaluating current telecom providers & systems
  • Implementing agreed-upon solution(s)
  • Recommending upgrade solutions
  • Recommending telecom providers
  • Upgrading telephone systems
  • Lowering your electricity bills
  • Offering project assistance

Emendee Tech will put the right pieces together for your business.